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One of Richelle's recent costumes, The Ring Mistress, was selected as a finalist in the 2010 World of Wearable Art Awards (WoW Awards), an internationally recognized contest held annually in New Zealand. 


In 2010 approximately 190 garments were selected from around the world for the final show, attended by over 43,000 visitors.  The Ring Mistress is now part of the permanent collection at the World  of Wearable Art Museum in Nelson, NZ.   


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Winner - Avant Garde Section, 2010 World of Wearable Art (WoW Awards)

Winner - People’s Choice Award, 2010 World of Wearable Art (WoW Awards)





Hofit Golan in a Richelle Dynae design as featured in The Daily Mail, October 29th, 2011

Socialite Hofit Golan looking amazing in a corseted tutu-style dress designed by Richelle Dynae at The 2011 Bloodlust Ball.


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Socialite Hofit Golan looking fabulous in a corseted gothic tutu designed by Richelle Dynae, at The 2011 Bloodlust Ball in London, hosted by the Button Club, October 28th, 2011

Hofit Golan in a Richelle Dynae design featured in the Best Dressed Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2011 alongside the likes of Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian and Gwen Stefani.


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Former Bond Girl and Director of The Button Club, Kaja Wunder wearing a custom Richelle Dynae design at the 2011 Bloodlust Ball, Mayfair, London, October 28th, 2011


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Fashion Model Harriet Dennant in a Richelle Dynae

design at the 2011 Bloodlust Ball London, hosted by the Button Club,

October 28th 2011



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Richelle Dynae designs featured at the 2011 Bloodlust Ball, October 28th, 2011

Costumes by fashion designer Richelle Dynae wowed guests at the star-studded 2011 Bloodlust Ball held at One Mayfair, London, England.


More details and full galleries can be found by clicking the links below.


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Fashion TV coverage of the Spring/ Summer 2012 Richelle Dynae collection with Millinery design by Audra E

TV presenter/actress Hofit Golan interviews designers including Richelle Dynae and millinery designer Audra E backstage during London Fashion Week.


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Richelle Dynae S/S 2012 Collection presented during London Fashion Week, September 2011: Notes on Rising Stars

"Designer Richelle Dynae's intricate work evoked enough theatrical and historical influence to remind you why her avant-garde garments won at New Zealand's 2010 World of WearableArt (WoW) awards. From farthingales and corsets to delicately produced cocktail-styled hats and masks, there was a well-made and exquisite performance prepared."


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Designer Richelle Dynae featured as part of Fashion's Finest London Fashion Week Show

"With London under the spell of Fashion Week, the designers were armed with ammunition: of design, style and exuberance...kicked off at the Westbury Hotel, it was all glam and glitz as models took the stage showcasing one talented designer after the other."


Read article (nijimagazine.com)



Debut collection by Fashion Designer Richelle Dynae presented at the Launch of London Fashion Week Party, September 16th, 2011


Read article (wherevent.com)







Fashion Icon of the Year, Emmanuel Ray hosts the first International Artists' Group Exhibition at Sensation Modern, London West Bank Gallery, Notting Hill, June 2011

The opening night took place on 2nd June 2011 and was hosted by London socialite Emmanuel Ray and model/presenter Kelly Dawson wearing a stunning gown designed by Richelle Dynae. 



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Richelle Dynae designs featured at Sensation Modern International Artists' Group Exhibition, London West Bank Gallery, Notting Hill, June 2011

Model Kelly Dawson and fashion designer Richelle Dynae Rudeen display gowns created by Richelle at Sensation Modern's International Artists' Group Exhibition.


Read article (Socialite Evenings)




Bound Metamorphsis displayed at La Brasserie Mayfair

Richelle's Bound Metamorphosis costume was displayed during a Socialite Evenings by Emmanuel Ray event at La Brasserie Mayfair. An event gallery and Emmanuel Ray's Laissez Faire article (Diary of an It Boy) are below.


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Read article (Laissez Faire magazine)

Costumes photographed with Dita Von Teese

Richelle and her Bound Metamorphosis costume photographed alongside Dita Von Teese at the 2010 Erotica exhibition, prior to Dita's performance of her new burlesque show 'The Opium Den'.


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Costumes Featured at the 2010 Bloodlust Ball, 30th October 2010

Bound Metamorphosis (turquoise butterfly) and Constanza (peach 18th Century dress) costumes wowed guests at the star-studded 2010 Bloodlust Ball held at Hampton Court House.


More details and full galleries in the links below.      


Click the photos to see larger images.


View gallery 1 (The Button Club)

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Tourism New Zealand Article - September 29th, 2010

"Tourism New Zealand's involvement in the show also includes sponsorship of the Avant Garde award section."

"UK designer Richelle Dynae Rudeen won the section with her racy entry, "The Ring Mistress", inspired by this year's Avant Garde theme of 'Circus'."


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British High Commission Article - 28th September 2010

"British and American Designers WOW New Zealand."

"The Wellington WOW awards became a Transatlantic affair with the American Embassy hosting British and American designers for a pre awards spectacular." Richelle shared a lunch with Wellington fashion students and designers at the Embassy before the awards ceremony."


"Richelle explained the journey she had taken to her first WOW. From ballet dancer to designer of ballet costumes to joining the University College in Bournemouth and studying historical costume design before moving to free form where she could freely experiment with different elements and materials."


"Finally, coming to the realisation that her heart's desire for design belonged, not on the cat walk, but as Wearable Art designer. She said, "I have found my species, where I belong, among designers who have incredible imaginations. This will not be my only WOW entry."


Click here to view the interviews with Richelle and the other designers.

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The Wellingtonista Article - September 28th, 2010

"The avant garde section had the theme "inspired by the circus", and it seems that many designers were inspired by the big top and/or ringmaster costume. This included the winning entry, The Ring Mistress by Richelle Dynae Rudeen of the UK. This lady has a circus in her pants."

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www.NewZealand.com Article - September 27th, 2010

"UK costume designer Richelle Dynae Rudeen played on the peril of the circus with her garment ‘The Ring Mistress’, which won the Tourism New Zealand Avant Garde section. She said it drew a connection between the twisted world of the circus and the twisted expectations of women in society."

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WOW Awards Press Release - September 24th, 2010

"UK costume designer Richelle Dynae Rudeen puts her own fears into her garment The Ring Mistress, which was winner in the Tourism New Zealand Avant Garde Section and played on the dramatic peril of the circus."


"Afflicted with a lack of depth perception as a youngster, Rudeen remembers the sheer exhilaration of the death-defying stunts and spectacles she saw under the big top and how the whole experience excited and terrified her at the same time. Bringing elements like gleaming red latex and a whip add to the design and speaks of the danger in the circus inspiration, while the upper corset resembles the cage over the world of wonder within the circus."


“This playful dominating tension, restrained and exposed, draws connections between the twisted world of the circus and the twisted expectations of women in society.”

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WOW Awards Press Release - July 2010
Phil Price (2010 WOW Award Judging Panel).
"The judging process for WOW has been totally captivating. It is a privilege to witness the sophistication of this art genre and the designers are really demonstrating the synthesis of elements that any good design requires. We are seeing really inventive solutions that are playful and intelligent."

Bob Haven (Professor in Costume Technology & WOW Designer at Kentucky University).
"Athletes have the Olympics, actors have the Oscars, musicians have the Grammys, designers and costume creators have WOW."

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Wessex Muse Magazine, Issue 56 - Stars of the Future

Bound Metamorphosis
"Intertwining social symbolism within her dark portrayal of    female beauty."

The Ring Mistress
"Striking detail encapsulated in the incredible strength of    form and colour."

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